The Voice of Lupus Foundation

A Pillar of Strength


The Voice of Lupus Foundation:
A Pillar of Strength

The Voice of Lupus Foundation (VLF) is a non-profit organization established to foster greater awareness about lupus in Trinidad and Tobago.Lupus is a chronic auto-immune disease that is often misunderstood because its symptoms vary among its victims. These symptoms include: chronic fatigue, severe joint and body pains, organ failure, skin rashes and photosensitivity – especially to sunlight. There is currently no cure for lupus and in this country, awareness is lacking.

The Voice of Lupus Foundation’s mission seeks to heighten public awareness of lupus and its impact. We provide support to those individuals who have been diagnosed and are battling with lupus, as well as their families, friends and caregivers.

More importantly, we are striving to give those who have lupus a VOICE!