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A Pillar of Strength

Tips for those who have been recently diagnosed with Lupus

Keep a food journal


 Keep a food journal; write down the things you eat. That way, if you feel bad the next day, you can begin to pinpoint what foods cause flares.



Write down your questions for your doctor


 Also write down any questions that you have for your doctor, so that you will not forget them when you go to your appointment.




Get a new doctor!


Remember you are your biggest advocate, if you have a doctor who is not treating your condition the way you like, then get a new doctor!





Wear sunscreen


 Always wear sunblock/sunscreen, even if it is cloudy. Many people with Lupus are photosensitive and need to be protected from UV rays.





Drink lots of water!


 Drink lots of water





Do some form of exercise



 Do some form of exercise a few times a week. Even if it is just walking for 5 minutes. You always want to do something to keep your joints moving.






Get sufficient rest so that you don’t end up in a flare


 Get plenty of rest. Schedule specific times during the day where you will rest your body. You do not want to over exert yourself and then end up in a flare.





Join a support group


 Join a support group! It may seem scary to go to a group and tell personal things to people you don’t know, however it really helps to know that others are going through the same thing you are.


 Educate your family and friends about Lupus. Chances are they do not know much about the disease so they will not be able to support you unless they are educated.